The End of Time

White Light on Film

  • Saturday, November 9 at 6:30

Known for his work capturing the northern lights, Peter Mettler offers the New York premiere of his stunning new film, which encourages viewers to ruminate on the nature of time, on our constantly evolving universe and bodily transience. This ephemeral journey moves from scientists probing the attributes of time at a particle accelerator to volcanic eruptions, funeral rites, deteriorating urban landscapes, and an observatory that can see ten billion years into the past.

Peter Mettler, director

Walter Reade Theater

Post-screening discussion with Peter Mettler and Kent Jones

This screening will be followed by a White Light Lounge.

This film is one hour and 49 minutes.

Other films by Peter Mettler will be screened at the Film Society of Lincoln Center from November 8–12. Click here for more information.

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